5 Best Countries for Digital Nomad Adventures

Flavio Amiel

Flavio Amiel

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Published in Remote Work on 12/12/2023
5 Best Countries for Digital Nomad Adventures

One of the most attractive things about the digital nomad lifestyle is freedom: the flexibility to move from one country to the next while supporting yourself through remote work.

However, with almost every country being a potential new adventure, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by this kind of freedom.

If you’re finding it hard to pick your next destination, here’s some key advice on choosing a country to set up in and five of the best countries for digital nomad travelers.

How to Find the Best Countries for Digital Nomad Travel

There are a lot of competing opinions about which nations qualify as the best countries for digital nomad travel.

To clear up the confusion, here are some objective criteria we recommend looking at to help you make the right choice:

Internet infrastructure: A digital nomad without a reliable internet connection isn’t much of a digital nomad! Though the quality of your day-to-day internet connection can depend on many different variables, some countries have nationwide infrastructure that makes internet connections faster and more reliable than others.

Cost of living: Exploring an unfamiliar new country is a fantastic experience in itself, but if you’re constantly worrying about money or almost going over budget, it’s going to be a considerable damper on your overall digital nomad experience. Be sure to consider the cost of living in your potential destinations as a digital nomad, and make sure it’s one you can afford while having enough money to make the most of your experience.

Insurance coverage: You’ll need to make sure you’re insured for several eventualities when living as a digital nomad, and the country you’re residing in can make a big difference to your access to insurance coverage. It’s important to research the range of separate travel insurance policies that suit your travel plans or a nomad-specific global travel policy that will give you the coverage you need.

Visa requirements and regulations: Visa requirements for different kinds of digital nomad travel can vary a lot from one country to another. Some countries are notoriously hard to access for foreigners, whether for work or tourism, whereas others have visas specifically for digital nomads that help make entry far more attainable. Be sure to do your research into prospective destinations ahead of time and ensure you’ll be allowed entry into your top picks.

5 Best Countries for Digital Nomad Travel

Now that you’re familiar with the kind of variables to watch out for, here are five of our favorite countries for digital nomad travel and a quick look at what makes them great prospects.


The picturesque islands of Indonesia, specifically Bali, have become synonymous with digital nomadism, and for good reason!

The country’s stunning beaches, fast, reliable WiFi, and cool co-working spaces all make it an instant hit for digital nomads of all stripes. Its popularity with nomads has also given rise to a great selection of purpose-built luxurious accommodation, which is available for affordable prices thanks to Indonesia’s low cost of living.

Indonesia also offers its digital nomad visa, which allows you to stay and earn in the country for a maximum of 180 days, making it firmly one of the best countries for digital nomad travel.


Another classic among the best countries for digital nomad travel, Thailand has long been a favorite spot for travelers looking for an exotic yet accessible adventure.

Popular spots for digital nomads like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Koh Samui all provide an excellent standard of internet infrastructure and their host of fantastic co-working spaces, while the low cost of living, stunning natural vistas, and cosmopolitan population means that every day promises something unforgettable.

Though there are currently no nomad-specific visa options for Thailand, the country is famously easy to access for remote foreign workers.


A gem of the caucuses with ancient cities and stunning countryside, Georgia is one of the best countries for digital nomad travel if warm, tropical climes aren’t your thing.

This country is unique in that its government has been encouraging nomadism for some time now. In fact, it was one of the first countries to offer a specific digital nomad visa, which can enable you to stay in the country for up to five years!

The capital of Tbilisi boasts an intriguing mix of medieval European and Ottoman history, great infrastructure, and a small but active digital nomad community that grows bigger every year.


Portugal, specifically the capital, Lisbon, is swiftly becoming famous as one of the best countries for digital nomad travel in Western Europe.

Though it may not be as affordable as South Southeast Asia, Portugal’s warm, Iberian climate, safe and lively cities, and rich culture have made it the home to a large expat community with many digital nomads.

Portugal has a variety of visa options that can suit different nomads’ needs, including a nomad-specific visa, which is accessible for remote workers earning a certain monthly minimum. Aside from this, Portugal has a markedly tax-friendly regime for foreigners, which makes it a desirable option for small business owners.


From the very beginning of digital nomadism’s surge in popularity, Mexico has consistently ranked as one of the best countries for digital nomad travel.

Mexico's large expat community, stunning beaches, and rich mix of Spanish and indigenous historical influences make it an enchanting place to visit, not to mention its low cost of living.

Mexico maintains a digital nomad visa, which allows you to live and work in the country for up to 4 years, making it an excellent choice for nomads who want a more long-term home base as they explore other great destinations in Latin America.

The world’s your oyster…

There are many countries out there that promise to be fantastic temporary homes for anyone pursuing a nomadic lifestyle.

We hope this list of the best countries for digital nomad travel has given you a better understanding of your options and brought you closer to finding the perfect combination of infrastructure, cost of living, and community.