Health Insurance for Digital Nomads: Our Top 4 Providers

Flavio Amiel

Flavio Amiel

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Published in Travel Insurance on 12/14/2023
Health Insurance for Digital Nomads: Our Top 4 Providers

Being a digital nomad can make taking care of “life admin” tough. When your country of residence changes every few months, basic necessities like making sure you have adequate health insurance can be much more complicated than it would normally be at home.

Finding robust health insurance for digital nomads can be a challenge with coverage gaps and changing personal details, but with the rise of digital nomad lifestyles across the world, there are now many insurance providers who offer flexible, nomad-friendly plans for better peace of mind on your travels.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at four of the best insurers offering health insurance for digital nomads and the kinds of plans available on the current insurance market.

What to Look for in Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

Before you choose the insurance plan you’re going to use for your digital nomad adventure, it’s important to get a feel for what makes an insurance plan better for digital nomads compared to more general travel insurance policies.

As you weigh your options, we recommend prioritizing the following features:

Global coverage: An insurer’s ability to provide medical care can vary greatly from one country to another. Whether you’re planning to country-hop for years or looking to lay roots with a longer-term “slowmad” lifestyle, finding an insurer who offers comprehensive global coverage will help you stay flexible when planning your adventure.

Home country coverage: Many digital nomads take periodic trips back to their home country. If this is likely to be a feature of your travels, and you don’t already have coverage through an employer or nationalized health service, it may be a good idea to look for plans that also offer coverage while you’re at home.

Travel activity coverage: Some travel and health insurance plans will be fairly limited in the kinds of medical emergencies you can claim for. Think carefully about any high-risk activities you’re planning to try during your trip that might affect the insurance you need, such as skiing or surfing.

Top 4 Providers Offering Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

Nomad Insurance

Our very own Nomad Insurance was founded with the express purpose of offering robust insurance plans that fit with the digital nomad lifestyle. Our hand-picked carriers are vetted thoroughly to ensure our policy holders always get the best health insurance for digital nomads based on the regions they’re planning to live and work in.

Some of our insurance plans for digital nomads include:

Nomad West Basic - Starting at $55 per month

This plan is specifically formulated for people who are nomading in Latin America, and want to ensure they have robust coverage for both emergencies and a basic procedures.

Nomad West Pro - Starting at $65 per month

While our basic plan is best suited for people who are planning temporary trips abroad, Nomad West Pro is made for people who have longer-term plans as a digital nomad. This plan is ideal for nomads who are more likely to lay permanent roots, and may need long-term medical treatment outside of their home country.

SafetyWing Insurance

SafetyWing is an insurance carrier that’s tailored itself to the modern remote working revolution.

Offering both health insurance for digital nomads and coverage for businesses running remote teams, SafetyWing is another great option if you want the assurance of a provider whose service offering is tailored specifically for digital nomads.

SafetyWing’s health insurance for digital nomads plans include:

Insurance for Nomads - Starting at $45.08 per month

This plan is intended for nomads on shorter-term trips, and allows nomads to access emergency medical care while outside of their home country. The plan’s flexibility also adds a lot of convenience that digital nomads may find attractive, allowing you to sign up before or after you set out on your journey or amend the policy while traveling between destinations.

Global Health Insurance - Starting at $123 per month

A more comprehensive plan for long-term traveling professionals, SafetyWing’s Global Health plans offer emergency and long-term coverage both abroad and within your home country.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads offers flexible health insurance for digital nomads who like to fill their trips with adventurous activities. Customisable policies can be formed to meet your exact needs, and provide coverage specifically for a range of activities, including skiing, scuba diving, surfing and more.

Like conventional single-trip travel insurance, the cost of World Nomads health insurance for digital nomads is tailored to your personal details, and all plans are available in two distinct tiers:

Standard Plan

A basic travel health insurance plan that can be tailored to include coverage for emergency medical treatment, emergency evacuation to local hospitals and your home country, and loss or theft of your possessions.

Explorer Plan

Plans with all the same features available with the Standard Plan, but for larger claims for added peace of mind.

IMG Global

IMG Global is a long-established insurance firm offering a range of plans suitable for both single trips and long-term travelers. With discounted family plans alongside coverage for individuals, IMG Global offers particularly robust health insurance for digital nomads who are traveling with their partner or other dependents.

IMG Global offers two categories of health insurance plan that can be particularly well-suited to digital nomads:

Travel Medical Plans

Ideal for trips abroad within a specific timeframe, travel medical plans offer coverage starting at five days going all the way up to a year. Different tiers of these plans can be selected to give you greater flexibility when choosing local doctors or medical facilities, and can also provide medical coverage both within and outside of the US.

Global Medical Insurance

IMG’s global medical insurance provides health insurance for digital nomads who expect to set up shop in several different destinations. Intended for long-term travelers, these plans are available for a minimum of one year of coverage, and provides universal insurance across a range of different countries so you can keep traveling without having to repeatedly find new policies.

Get Health Coverage Today

Though most digital nomads’ adventures are free of serious mishaps, it’s essential to have robust health insurance for digital nomads when you’re traveling and working abroad.

If you’re looking for robust coverage specifically designed for long-term international travelers, be sure to check out our health insurance for digital nomads today!