4 Top Cities for a Digital Nomad in South America

Flavio Amiel

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Published in Remote Work on 12/14/2023
4 Top Cities for a Digital Nomad in South America

Ever since the rise of remote working sparked the recent digital nomad revolution, South America has been a popular destination for remote workers looking for sunnier climes and memorable adventures.

With a low cost of living, gorgeous beaches and natural beauty, and a mix of bustling cities and smaller, laid-backed settlements, being a digital nomad in South America has countless alluring features you can’t find elsewhere.

If you’re looking to explore South America as a digital nomad, here’s a brief introduction to this magical continent, and four of the best cities for digital nomads in South America.

Why be a Digital Nomad in South America?

South America is a large and diverse continent brimming with charms that have attracted countless digital nomads over the years.

Here’s some of the key benefits to being a digital nomad in South America to consider if you’re planning a trip to this part of the world…

Cost of Living

One of the biggest allures of South America is that many regions on the continent have a very low cost of living.

Though the cost of necessities like food and accommodation can vary a lot from country to country or city to city, South America contains several nations with living costs that make them highly affordable, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia.

If most of your income is made in US dollars, Euros, or a similarly strong currency, you should be able to enjoy a great quality of life and plenty of leftover spending money.

Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Being a digital nomad in South America not only allows you to enjoy a low cost of living in terms of food and other essentials, it can also be a great way to access quality healthcare at a low price.

Many south American countries are popular destinations for medical tourism, served by well-run public healthcare systems alongside private options.

Though the nationalized healthcare systems of some nations might not always be as efficient as the healthcare you’re used to at home, making sure you have a robust health insurance policy will ensure that you can find the quality of care you need in South America.

Widespread Digital Nomad Visas

Another great thing about being a digital nomad in South America is the wide array of digital nomad visas available from South American countries.

The rise of digital nomadism brought swathes of adventurous remote workers over to south America, and governments across the nation have taken note of this.

Today, there are several different visa options available in South America that are specifically designed for foreign workers who wish to live and work in the country, giving you the perfect way to make sure your stay in South America is 100% legal.

4 Top Cities for Digital Nomads in South America

South America boasts a number of distinct features that makes it an especially great place to set up shop as a digital nomad.

If you can see yourself being a digital nomad in this beautiful continent, here’s four of the best cities for digital nomads in South America.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentinian capital presents a wonderful opportunity for digital nomads in South America to get their first taste of this large and diverse nation.

Blending Old-World Spanish grandeur with the vibrancy and color of Latin America, Buenos Aires boasts an intriguing arts scene, active nightlife, and a diverse and multifaceted population that’s welcoming to newcomers.

Though it’s not as cheap as some South American destinations, Buenos Aires has a very reasonable cost of living compared to other Argentine cities, and high-speed internet available at the city’s many cafes and coworking spaces.

Medellín, Colombia

Though Medellin has had a spotty history and a past reputation as one of South America’s major crime hubs, today the city has grown into a safe, vibrant community that attracts travelers from all walks of life.

Colombia’s accessible digital nomad visa has given Medellin an active community of foreign remote workers, with a number of well-equipped coworking spaces that will serve as a great office during your stay.

Like many of Colombia’s major cities, Colombia is also very easy on the wallet, with food, accommodation, and other essential expenses costing significantly less than similarly-sized cities in North America and Europe.

These features are all supported by a robust internet infrastructure that means you can enjoy reliably fast speeds wherever you decide to work in the city.

São Paulo, Brazil

Though it may not have the same international fame as Rio de Janeiro, many consider São Paulo to be the best city for digital nomads to get an authentic taste of Brazil.

A cosmopolitan melting pot, São Paulo is home to Brazil’s largest Arab, Japanese, and Italian diasporas, while its thriving central business district has helped the development of reliably fast internet and several great coworking spaces.

With a cost of living that’s only a fraction of many western cities and a thriving gastro and arts scene, São Paulo is ideal for digital nomads who want to get an authentic Brazilian experience and make new connections with like-minded international travelers.

Lima, Peru

Peru’s capital is a bustling city with a storied history, known for its unique and delicious cuisine and beautiful architecture.

The city is home to a small digital nomad community that’s growing consistently as more expats become aware of the city’s charms. It offers a number of designated coworking spaces, and its active central business district is home to countless trendy cafes that can also be great places to set up a laptop.

Lima’s low cost of living means that finding comfortable accommodation and delectable meals out won’t be an issue for most nomads. While internet speeds across Peru aren’t great, you shouldn’t find it hard to find a serviceable connection that suits your needs.

Setting a Course South

South America is a continent of many diverse countries and cultures, with countless cities waiting to be explored by adventurous nomads. We hope this introduction to the region has helped you gain a better understanding of South America, and plot a course that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for insurance for your South American adventure, be sure to check out some of our global insurance plans for digital nomads.