What Is the Best Country to Live as a Digital Nomad?

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Published in Visas and Immigration on 12/20/2023
What Is the Best Country to Live as a Digital Nomad?


Choosing to live in another country is a huge challenge, no matter where that country may be. There is beauty wherever you look across the globe, for that same reason you might find some areas much more suited to your lifestyle than others. Perhaps you enjoy resting on the beach, or maybe you love the hustle and bustle of a city. Either way, there are a variety of ways to measure living in another country, and whether or not it works for you. Whether you enjoy country living

What are the safest countries for remote work?

The safest countries for remote work is an interesting question to answer. There are many ways to factor the overall safety of living within a country. A great measure that is utilized throughout the globe is the global peace index. The GPI factors in the amount of fear and violence within the country, and creates a quantitative measure. This quantitative measure is on a 0 to 163 scale, with a lower score signifying that the country is peaceful, and a higher score being incredibly dangerous.

According to global forum research in 2023

In order of most to least, the top 10 safest countries are

  • Iceland - 1.124 (Rank 1)
  • Denmark - 1.31 (Rank 2)
  • Ireland - 1.312 (Rank 3)
  • New Zealand - 1.313 (Rank 4)
  • Austria - 1.316 (Rank 5)
  • Singapore - 1.332 (Rank 6)
  • Portugal - 1.333 (Rank 7)
  • Slovenia - 1.334 (Rank 8)
  • Japan - 1.336 (Rank 9)
  • Switzerland - 1.339 (Rank 10)

On the other side of quantitative measure, the most dangerous countries from most to least are as follows.

  • Afghanistan - 3.448 (Rank 163)
  • Yemen - 3.35 (Rank 162)
  • Syria - 3.294 (Rank 161)
  • South Sudan - 3.221(Rank 160)
  • Congo, DRC - 3.214 (Rank 159)
  • Russia - 3.142 (Rank 158)
  • Ukraine - 3.043 (Rank 157)
  • Somalia - 3.036 (Rank 156)
  • Sudan - 3.023 (Rank 155)
  • Iraq - 3.006 (Rank 154)

Of course these rankings are subject to change. Just keep in mind that is a great starting point to be cognizant of throughout your travel planning.

How Much Money Do I Need to Be a Digital Nomad?

Depending on your income, anywhere between 1000 to 5000 dollars a month or around 12,000-60,000 dollars a year is ideal. Any less and you will be most likely unhappy with the style of living and lack of amenities.

For those wanting a more in-depth breakdown, there exists the cost of living index. This index measures the buying power of USD within a selected country, allowing you to have an idea of how much you would need to survive, and potentially thrive within the country of your choice. Each country has a specific amount of monthly income calculated from the gross national income per capita.

Granted, this does not take into account visa information nor does it factor in other requirements, but! It is a great starting point to find a place that might help narrow down your journey onwards.

Is Being a Digital Nomad Worth It?

Anything in life can be worth it, if you see the value in it. Remote work has allowed a paradigm shift to reach further than ever before. While working from home is not a new invention, nor is it unheard of when it comes to ex-patriots, or globe trotters, there has been an uptick of interest within the younger generation. Working online and living abroad has a certain level of distinction and freedom. Almost like a return to form, akin to the wandering traveler of the past.

There are a lot of issues that can be found within a given country. Poverty, dangerous living conditions, political unrest, are just a few of the environmental problems that can affect the average person no matter the income level. In the end, there is only so much that can be done in order to change the overall situation or circumstances that you find yourself in. Which is why, there has been such a radical change in the way people are choosing to live their lives.

Not everyone is built nor ready for the trials that a digital nomad might encounter, from not being able to easily communicate your meaning, committing a serious faux pas without realizing it to not completely understanding the driving system of your country. Unfamiliar and new experiences are synonymous within the life of a digital nomad.

Is It Too Late to Become a Digital Nomad?

It is never too late to become a digital nomad. You can pick up and go as long as you meet the requirements to live within your country of choice and you have a valid passport. Whether you are just out of college, in-between jobs, or trying to find yourself after a significant life event, there are opportunities everywhere.

You just have to prepare yourself for a steep learning curve, where you will be a fish out of water. Adapting to the culture and people around you will be the hardest part beyond making ends meet.

Keep in mind that, there are a huge number of people that undergo these travel choices at their later stage of a life. Retirees are one of the largest groups of people that travel to other countries, and are oftentimes not familiar with the area or the people.

Which Country Has the Cheapest Digital Nomad Visa?

The cheapest tourist visa from the US to another country is 35 dollars, to Rwanda. If you are not feeling like traveling there, the cost ranges from 35 - 233 dollars from anywhere including but not limited to Japan, Singapore, India, Africa, and Brazil. All you need is to register and apply through that nation's government and provide the cost either through an online platform or through your nation's postal service.

Either way, make sure to read through the qualifications! Do not assume that you will be allowed to travel without any need to research, some countries in the middle east will require you to vet your passport and do a thorough background check. Other's might require a certain deposit or a location that you will be arriving to. At any rate, be a smart traveler, and keep these potential issues in mind.